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Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire, Kesonyu yhome, IAS declared Kiphire town as the 1st “Green Town” in the state on 12- Feb- 2014. The “Green Project” taken up in Kiphire town has been under the District Innovative Fund (DIF).
The concept behind the project of declaring and establishing Kiphire town as a green town has been developed to cement a sound symbolism to disseminate the call for sensitizing the local communities and others alike about the importance of the fast depleting environment/ forest and wild lives.
The objective is based on a vision to develop a flora and fauna rich district with intact ecosystem for the best interest of generations to follow. And hence under this initiative, the commercial sector has been painted with green roofs and buildings besides providing solar street lights along the town.

Kiphire Town, the first "Green Town" in State. (Inset:- Solar Street Lamp).   Shri Kesonyu Yhome, IAS declaring Kiphire Town as "Green Town".

Other related development works are being taken up and the entire project is scheduled to be completed before end march 2014.
Yhome hope that the people of Kiphire district would do justice to the project and added that very soon it would be in our ear that the people of the district is take up initiative like plantation of trees and other activities to become a role model for preservation  of our ecosystem.