Land of Minerals

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11th District of Nagaland  
A flower in between the Lofty mountains of ..
Saramati and Jingkhu
Welcome to Kiphire District Administration Official website
Kiphire is the newly formed eleventh District of Nagaland carved out of Tuensang
It is bounded by Tuensang District in the north, Phek District in the south, Zunheboto in the west and Myanmar in the east.It is headquartered at Kiphire, which is at an altitude of 896.42m (2,940 ft) above sea level. Kiphire is about 254 from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. The total area of the District is 1255sqkm. The main towns of this district are Seyochung,Sitimi,Pungro and Kiphire. Saramati (3,841m or 12,602ft.), highest peak in Nagaland is located in this district. Sangtam (Eastern), Yimchunger and Sumi are the predominant tribes.
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Mongmong: The word "Mongmon" maening "Togetherness Forever" is celebrated for 6 days from 1st - 6th 0f September every year. More....
Tuluni: Tuluni is a festival of great significance. This festival is mark with feasts as the occasion occurs in the bountiful season of the year.   More....
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Metemneo: The Yimchunger celebrate the Metemneo Festival after the millet crop is harvested. More...