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NIC Kiphire was established in the year 2006. Since inception and upto about a year, the office was utilizing the CIC systems. In the year 2007 the office was shitfed to the under-construction Deputy Commissioner's office and alloted a single unfurnished room. The room served both as office room and Video Conference Room. And finally it was in the year 2010, NIC Kiphire District Centre got the present Office room and a separate VC room. The room was inaugurated by the then Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire Shri C.M. Tsanglao on 16th September 2010. For Video Conferencing another spacious room has been allocated and is functioning well. Now NIC Kiphire is regarded as one of the most well build office room in the district.

nicin server_room nic_room
NIC Kiphire District Centre, Inauguration by Deputy Commissioner. Server Room NIC Office Chamber

NIC Kiphire is implementing various centralized projects viz NREGA, MCTS, NADRS, SECC, Arms License, Mid-day Meal, NRHM, etc. Moreover the Centre is providing computer basic trainings to DC staffs from time to time.

NIC Kiphire is also providing Internet Connectivity to the important departments of the District like DC office, Election Branch, SP office. For Connectivity NIC Kiphire is equipped with 34mbps lease line connectivity from BSNL.  One DVB Broadband VSAT is also functioning for backup purpose. Another DAMA Vsat is also there for Video conference’s connectivity backups. NIC Kiphire is also equipped with Rack Server.