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Ethno-culturally, Kiphire is one of the most interesting districts in the state of Nagaland. Located on the Indo-Myanmar border, the host of ethnic Naga communities of the district has their counterparts not only in other districts of the state but also in Myanmar as well. The cultural diversity of the district offers ample opportunities for exploring the diverse range of cultural tourism. The Apple festival held in the month of September in Thanamir, a border village; visits to what the locals call the “River of salt” at Sangphure village and the sight of traditional slate roofed houses at Phelungre and Chomi village is worth  visiting Kiphire district.

The Saramati peak, with a height of 3840 metres above sea level located under Pungro sub-division of the district is the highest peak in Nagaland. The Saramati range of mountains lies in the border between India and Myanmar.  The mountain is popular for the panoramic views of the surrounding ranges on both sides of the border and the mountain climbing experiences even for the amateurs. The best time for visiting Saramati and feeling the real pleasure of trecking is in the month of October and November. In the month of January-February there is snowfall also at the peak.
Under Pungro sub-division, there are numerous limestone caves such as in Salomi, Mimi and some other villages.  Caving as an adventure tour and also for scientific reasons is a growing field. The limestone caves of the district are yet to be explored and understood.
The river Züngki is another asset of Kiphire district. The fresh water fauna of the river is yet to be scientifically explored and documented. It also has the potential to support water sports such as rafting and canoeing. 

  saramati   langzanger_church  
  Saramati Peak   Langzanger Village Baptist Church  

Nature watch: The wildlife sanctuary at Fakim village; the pristine forest of Jingkhu mountains located in Sitimi sub-division are unparallel opportunities to appreciate nature. It is a sanctuary for Blyth's Tragopan(Tragopanblythii), Hornbill and many other endangered species of birds and animals and plant life.

The flow of tourists to Kiphire is minimal although it is on the increase.  To promote tourism in the district, issues relating to infrastructure, roads connectivity, communication, boarding and lodging facilities have to be addressed. At present there is not a single hotel even in the district headquarter. Except the Government Administrative Rest house there are no facility for board and lodging.  Connectivity and communication such as internet facility is very limited which is a prerequisite to attract visitors. Extensive as well as qualitative improvement of the overall infrastructural facilities and services is intensely needed to promote tourism in the district. Along with these qualitative improvements, the local youths and community members must be trained in hospitality services.